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Dharma Bee - Know your Dharma thru fun and learning

Dharma Bee - Know your Dharma thru fun and learning

HSS Balagokulam with Hindu Temple of North East Wisconsin (HTNEW) presents Dharma Bee – A unique contest on Hindu Dharma for Kindergartners to 12th graders.

Dharma Bee is a quiz similar to Spelling Bee, Geography Bee etc. Kids will learn about Hindu Dharma through the sessions and enter into a competition at the end. The syllabus is divided into 8 topics and will be covered in 12 weeks. The sessions will be in form of story, reading, discussions or fun activity. Kids will be divided into 2 groups (K-5, 6-12 grade). Both groups have same topics, but topics are more in-depth for older kids. Sessions will be held in our Temple every Friday 6 to 7:30 PM during regular Balagokulam. Sessions start from February 28. Apart from a local quiz, a Wisconsin State-level competition is also being planned where kids from Madison, Milwaukee will also participate. 

Registration fee is $15, which includes the study material. Click here to see First chapter as a sample

Please register here: 

You can also contact Aniruddha Bhide (906-281-8445).