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Northeast Wisconsin PONGAL 2019

Northeast Wisconsin PONGAL 2019

Fox Valley's annual Pongal celebration for 2019 is planned to be held in early January 2019. Stay tuned for time and venue details. 

Interesting cultural performances, games for children and adults, fancy dress show, native language recitals, tasty food and dance floor will mark tFhis Pongal event another memorable day for all of us.


If you wish to participate in cultural performances, please enroll with the following cultural coordinators:

Santha Bala (Ph: 920-530-9207, Email:

Arun Loganathan (Ph: 920-544-2997,


More information to follow.


Visit the following websites for more updates:


Thank You All

Nirmala Mammen (Email:

Bala Chinnasamy (Email:

Pandyan Ramar   (Email: