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Title:Attention Aspiring Business Analysts!

Attention Aspiring Business Analysts!

Free Online Business Analyst Training & Placement

No Training Fee, Security Deposits, Agreements, or Contracts!

Visa Eligibility: GC, USC, GC-EAD, L2-EAD, H4-EAD, ASYLUM EAD

Training & Placement Overview:

Online Web-ex Training

Free of charge
No Security Deposits or Agreements
Training duration: 15 Days (Monday to Friday)
Timing: 7 to 9 PM EST (2 hours)

Post-Training Support:

Successful completion leads to Interview Assistance
On-Job Assistance provided
3 Weeks Training + 4 Weeks Marketing = Guaranteed Placement (Consultants open for relocation)

How to Apply:

Send your basic details and resume for further information
Visa (For H4, L2-EAD Validity End Date Required):
Current Location:
Willingness to Relocate:
Contact for More Details:

TEXT // CALL : (805)-257-4773 (Sherly)


Posted By:Sherly on 3/10/2024 6:41:29 PM
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