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Title:IIBMS MBA CASE STUDY ANSWER SHEETS - Define motivation research. Highlight

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Research Methodology



  1. What points must be kept in mind while defining a research problem? Briefly mention the advantages of considering these points while defining a research problem.
  2. Highlight various methods used in selecting a sample from the population. Point out their merits and demerits.
  3. Define motivation research. Highlight the nature, scope, uses and limitations of motivation research.
  4.  Explain the meaning and significance of research design in social science research.
  5. Explain the significance of a research report and narrate the various steps involved in writing such a report.
  6. (a)Describe the role of Literature Survey in scientific research.

      (b) Explain the tasks associated to manuscript preparation.

  1. Describe Computers role in research? Explain with a live illustration.
  2. Describe Sales letter – Layout
  3. What is research methodology? Explain the steps in scientific research process. Briefly explain about review of literature.
  4. Research process starts from problem definition to preparation of the report. Briefly describe the different steps involved in a research process.
  5. Write short notes on any two.

                 a. Factor Analysis

                 b. Multivariate Analysis

            c. Non-Probability Sampling

            d. Steps in writing report.

  1. Explain about Extraneous variable, Confounded relationship, Experimental groups and Treatments in the context of research design.


For answersheets contact

+91 95030-94040



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