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Title:IIBMS MBA CASE STUDY ANSWER SHEETS - Define latency and jitter for service

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Network Management


Attempt any 8 questions

{C}1.                   Do you need Network Management? If So, justify your answer with an examples.

{C}2.                   Specify the family name ,the family sub tree, the family mask ,and the family type in vacm View  Tree Family Table for  an agent to present a view of :


(a) The complete IP group           

(b) IP address table (ipAddr Table)           

(c) The row in the IP address table corresponding to the IP address  

{C}3.                  Describe different network Management models & Standers

4.          Execute the commands ns lookup and dig on host IP address and analyze the results .              

  (a) Compare the two results for the common information.              

 (b) What kind of additional information do you get from dig?


{C}4.                  Answer the following

 (a)      What MIB table would you use to measure the QoS of service flow in a fixed    
 wireless  System between the base station and the subscriber station?          

(b)     Define latency and jitter for service flow in a fixed wireless system.             

(c)      Write the specific managed objects associated with latency and jitter

 6.        What are the network management models? Explain each one in detail.

 7.        How the distributed computing environment influence on modern data communication  systems?

 8.        Explain the standard SNMP model in detail.

 9.        Explain Codebook correlation Model, State Transition Graph Model, Finite State Machine Model 

10.    a. Explain DSL and ADSL Technology.

         b. Role of ADSL Fault Management.

  11.     a. How does the network manager know the SNMP set arrived?           

            b. What is the largest SNMP message?                

            c. Explain the standard SNMP model in detail



For answersheets contact

+91 95030-94040



Posted By:marketing.answersheets on 7/30/2021 12:30:19 AM
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