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Title:IIBMS EMBA CASE STUDY ANSWER SHEETS - Write about the advantages and disadv

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Attempt any Eight questions

{C}1.       What is e-commerce? Discuss B2B2C and C2B2C model giving proper examples.

{C}2.      What are the different E-Commerce business models? explain in details

{C}3.      Define digital cash or e-cash. Explain with example how an online banking system works.

{C}4.      Explain the working principle of DES algorithm.

{C}5.      a. Explain how SSL helps an EC system to be secure

b. Explain how SET protocol helps transactions in EC

{C}6.       a) Write about the advantages and disadvantages of E-Commerce.

b) Explain the framework and components of E-Commerce architecture.

{C}7.      a) Briefly explain the various electronic payment systems.

b) What are the security requirements for using online e-cash services?

{C}8.     a) Write about Internet advertisement categories in the E-commerce scenario.

b) How is revenue generated through advertisements in EC.

{C}9.      a) Discuss the E-Commerce architecture and its components with a block diagram.

 b) How does E-Commerce differ from traditional E-Commerce

{C}10.  {C}a) Explain how SCM can be used to renovate the businesses using ECommerce.

b) Discuss about the push based supply chain and pull based supply chain


For answersheets contact

+91 95030-94040


Posted By:marketing.answersheets on 7/30/2021 12:25:01 AM
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