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Title:IIBMS DMS CASE STUDY SOLUTIONS - Write a short note on WIPO Treaty

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Cyber Law


Attempt any Eight Questions:


{C}1.       {C}What is copyright? Explain with suitable example.

What is Trademark? Explain the role of trademark and its usefulness in marketing.


{C}2.      {C}Explain the procedure for the registration of domain names.

Write a short note on “WIPO Treaty”


{C}3.      {C}What are the different types of IP Licensing formats? Explain.


{C}4.      {C}What is a need of cyber law and cyber security?


{C}5.      {C}Explain cyber jurisprudence.


{C}6.      {C}What are the basic principles of patent law?


{C}7.      {C}Explain trade-related aspects of IP Rights (TRIPS) in India


{C}8.     {C}What are general obligations for enforcement of Intellectual property rights?


{C}9.      {C}What does a CA certifying, while issuing the digital signature certificate? Explain


{C}10.  {C}A- Write the conditions to apply for digital signature.


B-What are the functions of the controller of CA?


For answersheets contact

+91 95030-94040



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