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Title:IIBMS DMS CASE STUDY SOLUTIONS - Explain in brief about the Common Excel Fu

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Hardware Management



Note: Attempt any 10 questions from the following.


{C}1.                   Explain any 10 DOS commands with example?

{C}2.                  Tell the importance of “Monitoring System Performance” in Windows XP? Mention the steps for “Monitoring System Performance”?

{C}3.                  Explain in brief about the Common Excel Functions? (Average, Max, Min, Count, If)

{C}4.                  Explain the procedure for creating a table and entering text into that that table?

{C}5.                  Explain the need for troubleshooting plan? Also explain elements of troubleshooting plan?

{C}6.                  Explain the different types printers in details?

{C}7.                  Explain different types of Optical Media in detail?

{C}8.                 Explain the construction and operation of the Hard Disk Drive?

{C}9.                  Explain different types of networks in detail (LAN and WAN)?

{C}10.              Explain in detail ISO-OSI (Open System Interconnection) reference model?

{C}11.               Explain different network topologies? Explain 2 advantage and disadvantage of each?

{C}12.              Explain scope of Internet? (Email, Chatting, Search Engine, e-Learning, e-Commerce)

{C}13.              List any 3 Network hardware Devices? Explain functions of each Hardware Network Device?

{C}14.              What do you mean by Bluetooth? Explain common features of it?

{C}15.               What do you mean by firewall? Explain different types of it?



For answersheets contact

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