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Title:Recommend Appleton Area Accommodation Here/Car Rentals also

I was referred to this accommodation from 2 friends who had stayed here before (Sai and Swetha) while on contract. I am very glad I chose to stay with Mark and also meeting Margaret was so nice. Here is a video they put on YouTube to help view the 5 bedroom house. It was great to have other fun and clean professional roommates there also on OPT and H1B or L1. We were all like family.

It was hard searching short term accommodation before I started work in Appleton but I wanted to share this if anyone needs a nice clean place with short term renting that can help you right away.  The Chopra Indian Grocery store is only one mile away and the Appleton airport is 8 minutes away. Mark even picked me up at the airport when I arrived to help me.

Margaret  told me many from Thrivent and Kimberly Clark and Secura as IT Tech from Tech systems or Tata consultancy and other companies have stayed there too.


Mark helped me get my Drivers license and also rented me a car for 4 months and helped me with insurance and other papers.

The accommodation is much bigger than an apartment as they have a whole house and a beautiful yard area AND you can stay month to month with no lease committment as other places wanted 1 year lease contract and high security deposit.

Accommodation Rent: $650 to $750 per person depending on room size and how long you stay...Utilities and on site laundry all included so great cheap price to me with no lease.

FREE: WIFI Internet was FAST and included 

FREE: HEAT included

FREE: Water Included

FREE:Electricity included

FREE: Washer and dryer on site ( 3 washers and 3 dryers in laundry area)

FREE: Netflix

FREE: Amazon Prime

Full Kitchen w/ all Cooking utensils and they even had a Rice Cooker. I didn't have to buy anything extra to live there.

The whole house was furnished as you can see in the video and each room had a bed and all furniture included and  Smart TVs in every room as well.

So if you need accommodation with no lease option while on work contract with your vendor/consultancy or actually do want a longer term place to stay call them as I am glad I was told about the accommodation from other past people.

Mark or Margaret will help you with anything you need. He owns 20 cars and can rent you a car or help you get drivers license. They treated us all like family...They know many people and can help introduce you to others Indians in Appleton. I was sad to move by my contract was over.

I moved back to India just call/ping Mark (920) 277-8189 he can be busy so leave voicemail message if no answer.

Posted By:Ashwini Jadhav on 3/6/2021 9:06:05 AM
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