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Title:Need a Rental Car?? Best option here!!! Call Mark...

Hello...I have been renting cars to this community since 2012. The demand has become high in 2018 and 2019 so I continue to buy more vehicles to help out everyone here on contract who wants a better price/value than the competition like Enterprise/Hertz/Avis etc.

*** I only rent by the MONTH so please DO NOT ask for a daily or weekly car. Most people rent on average a minimum 3 to 6 months but I have several people who are still renting for over a year here on OPT visa or H1B Visa with their contracts.

I only have a few cars available at the moment since I just a few more.

**** Price ranges depend on the type of vehicle--- range from $495 to $595 per month ($15 to 20 a day) way cheaper than an uber to have a car at your desire 24 hours a day and do not want to buy

Insurance is required and you must have a drivers license ofcourse. I can help with all that as well.

Just call but if I am busy please leave me a voicemail as I own several business but will return your call the same day.

****Thank you for your interest. My name is Mark Manderville just ask around you have probably heard of me from someone at Thrivent Financial or Kimberly Clark or Schneider or Ameriprise or Humana and from so many others who refer me.

I can provide MANY MANY references from other working professionals who have rented or are still renting.

**** Minu, Srinivas, Sai, Krishna, Hari, Rahul, Vivek, Tarun, Narayan, Sasikumar, Malli, Alpa, Sarika, Ashwini, Nikita and the list goes on and on :) too many to name...

My name is Mark Manderville  add me if you want and call me on my cell directly at

(920) 277-8189

Call me soon :)  I look forward to helping you.


Posted By:Mark Manderville on 10/29/2019 7:50:17 PM
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