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Title:Need a Rental Car??



If you are currently renting a car from a rental company and paying $150 to $200 a week plus tax.

Uber too expensiove as well for rides to work?

I will help save you money!!! I own 15 cars in the Appleton area and several rental properties (whom I rent to the "quality and respectable" traveling professional/contractors on here looking for a place to stay and also cars and have all of them rented to professionals here in the area who are on OPT or H1B visa or other contractors. I only have a few cars left at the moment that are still available.

Price is $375 to $425 per month "depending on use and mileage traveled". 

You MUST have a current drivers license and you will need insurance. Looking for others who will be in the area for atleast a few months or perhaps longer term if you need a car.

References can be provided...Call today and ask for Mark at (920) 277-8189

DO NOT TEXT OR EMAIL ME...simply call me to talk only!

 If I do not answer leave a message and I will return your call the same day :)


Current people renting or whom have rented in the past  are Vivek, Minu, Tarun, Ravi, SasiKumar, Sai, Malli, Narayan, Srinivas, Krishna etc. and the list goes on...


Thank soon.


Mark  (920) 277-8189

Posted By:... on 11/29/2018 4:32:13 PM
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