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Title:Need Immediate Baby sitter

Looking for Baby sitter for my 18months boy baby Mon-Fri 6 hrs. (From 8am - 2pm) Will pay good cash/cheque. Pick up and Drop-off provided if within reasonable distance. Please contact if you are genuinely interested.

Thank you

Posted By:Vani Karthick on 7/14/2017 11:11:04 AM
Sravya Sudula
On 7/18/2017 12:19:05 PM

Hai Vani, this is Sravya. If you are still looking for a baby-sitter let me know.

Vani Karthick
On 7/20/2017 6:06:32 AM

Hi Sravya,

Yes, am still looking for baby-sitter; please email me your details to my email ID



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