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Title:CUSTOMIZED NMIMS SEP 2021 ASSIGNMENTS - To ensure that all processes will run effectively, how can s
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Service Operations Management


1. Strategies and decisions are taken at various hierarchal levels in an organization. Explain different levels of hierarchy in organizations and discuss the various Strategic decisions taken at these different levels of hierarchy. Explain these hierarchical levels and decisions by taking an example of the Banking Sector.

2. What are the factors which are considered important by an organization while evaluating Quality in Service Operations? Elaborate your answer with an example of a Restaurant Setup.

3. The Consumer Durable sector is one the most prominent in the service sector w.r.t after sales service. Highlight the attempts of these organizations from the following aspects as given below.

a. The customer need not be involved in all the processes, and consequently the service delivery need not plan all the components of their facilities to please the customers as well as make them visible to customers. Discuss these aspects of facility planning with the concept of Decoupling of processes.

b. To ensure that all processes will run effectively, how can such organizations adopt the concept of Service Design (Blueprinting) during the planning phase of service operations.

For Nmims answersheets contact

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Posted On:7/20/2021 9:53:29 PM

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