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Title:CUSTOMIZED NMIMS SEP 2021 ASSIGNMENTS - SDM Global Mail is a world leader in the logistics sector. I
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Customer Relationship Management


1. The quality of customer data can be visualized from many angles and viewpoints. It is, therefore, said that the intrinsic quality of data depends more on the requirement of companies and their objectives to excel in specific markets. Explain this aspect in detail with the help of examples.

2. The traditional groceries store owner maintains personal contact with his customers and has more knowledge about them than a CRM manager trying to enhance his knowledge about his customers with the help of expensive software and databases that are at his disposal in the organization.’ Do you agree with this statement? Substantiate your viewpoints with examples.

3. SDM Global Mail is a world leader in the logistics sector. It needed a solution like CRM for catering to its growing global network. The staff in different offices around the globe needed to commit, understand, and fulfil the needs of customers by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions. SDM Global Mail conducted many workshops and assessed the feedback received across continents like Europe and Asia. A solution that could reduce cost in its operations and flexibility in solution was what they had in mind. Thus, they opted for, which had lot of benefits and advantages for its global operation. SDM opted for as its CRM platform for all its dispatches, delivery of parcels, and its business posts. created an advantage to the company by customizing SDM solutions by taking care of its customer needs. Its adoption and implementation was done in minimum time due to which it became a success story of SDM. The CRM solution was installed across all branches simultaneously and was also integrated with the existing system within a span of six months. This created a centralized data at one place integrating all the systems together, and was accepted widely by all its employees. It also provided a single view to all its customers resulting in it becoming a leader in mail solutions around the world as it focused basically on the Inherent needs of the customers. As a result, implementation time of CRM also reduced. Today, has developed a profitable relationship with the SDM Global Mail taking care of all its needs consistently.

a. How did SDM Global Mail enhance their customers’ delight?

b. Why did SDM Global Mail opted for and what was the benefit involved through its adoption as a software for its CRM implementation.


For Nmims answersheets contact

+91 95030-94040


Posted On:7/20/2021 9:52:54 PM

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