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Title:CUSTOMIZED NMIMS SEP 2021 ASSIGNMENTS - Nimit has joined a Bank which has an advantage of extensive
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International Banking and Foreign Exchange Management


1. Nimit has joined a Bank which has an advantage of extensive networks across countries for sending and receiving international payments and settlement systems. He was asked by his manager to prepare a report on the factors that need to be taken care of by the banks offering the services of foreign remittances to their customers. Help him to prepare the report in detail and also mention the benefit the

bank will get by offering an effective platform. (10 Marks)


2. ABC Ltd was doing well in the Indian Market and was planning to expand its operations to other countries as well. The management of the firm wanted to meet an Investment Banker to understand about the exchange rate fluctuations and also how his business would get affected by various factors. If you are the Investment Banker help the management understand the various factors that would cause the fluctuation in the exchange rate which may affect their business as well. (10 Marks)


3. Alpha Bank had hired Management Trainees for their Treasury Department which dealt with buying and selling of foreign currencies. Ramesh was working in the Dealing Room Operations for the last three years. Since the main activity of the dealing room was to provide rates for currency transactions, he wanted to organize a small training for the new joinees in order to make sure that they understood their work profile well.


a) Prepare training material for major functions of the foreign exchange dealing room. (5 Marks)


b) Also prepare the training material for the process through which the interbank deal is concluded. (5 Marks)


For Nmims answersheets contact

+91 95030-94040



Posted On:7/20/2021 9:52:01 PM

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