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Title:ASSIGNMENT HELP SEP 2021 NMIMS - Two wheelers manufacturer, due to substantial increase in steel pri
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B2B Marketing

1. Two wheelers manufacturer, due to substantial increase in steel prices. The customer refuses to give you any increase in the prices. If you continue supplies, you company will incur losses, & if you discontinue supplying to this major customer, your sales would suffer. How would you handle the negotiations?

2. Suppose you are an area sales manager and one of the salespersons reporting to you approaches you for help in getting a breakthrough with a high sales potential customer. The customer has been buying the steel components from three other suppliers regularly for the past two years. Your salesperson has been trying to get business from this customer for the past 18 months but without any success. It seems the customer is happy with the existing suppliers and does not want to take the risk of buying from a new supplier, whose poor performance on quality and/or delivery may result in disruptions in production. What Personal Selling tools will you recommend?

3 Solve the following Case & answer the questions based on the case:

Industrial sales Company Limited (ISC) is a distributor of pumps and Compressors for Maharashtra state excluding Mumbai and Greater Mumbai. In order to increase sales in Nasik-Jalgaon-Aurangabad region they hire a senior sales manager Mr. Shyam and ask him to operate from Nashik, However, very soon there are complaints from sales manager in nearby Pune, Mumbai and even Nagpur that Mr. Shyam and his team are trying to meet customers in their regions and do business. Mr. Shyam however confirms that he is only meeting the regional offices of Pune and Mumbai based companies in his own Nashik-Aurangabad area and there is nothing wrong with it. Soon this dispute reaches the Regional Manager Mr. Gupta in Mumbai.


1. What are the problems with the territory design in the case?

2. As a regional manager, what will you do to control the situations?


For Nmims answersheets contact

+91 95030-94040



Posted On:7/20/2021 9:48:36 PM

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