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Title:ASSIGNMENT HELP SEP 2021 NMIMS - India’s Road and Transport Ministry has taken-up various Expressway
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Project Management


1. You are organizing an Annual Day in your university. Explain the steps to designing a project organization structure for this case. According to you which will be the most critical steps and why?

2. India’s Road and Transport Ministry has taken-up various Expressway Road Projects in the country. One of the such project consist of following parts

{C}·         Constructing roads

{C}·         Constructing tunnels

{C}·         Constructing bridges over the river

{C}·         Constructing flyovers and junctions

{C}·         Constructing convenient places (fuels stations, rest areas, etc.)

{C}·         Developing a solution for speed monitoring

{C}·         Finding suitable road material for areas in a heavy flood zone

Using thing information as example, describe various project life cycle models


3. A project manager is struggling to manage the project due to risk and the cost. The details are

Original Project Budget: Rs. 40, 00,000

{C}·         Original Estimated Duration: 36 Months

{C}·         Elapsed Time: 12 Months

{C}·         Money Spent till Date: Rs. 15,00,000

{C}·         Work Completed: 40 %

{C}·         Risk Identified and Ratings


a. Suggest the risk priority to this project manager.

b. Find out the “Estimate at Completion” using all possible ways.


For Nmims answersheets contact

+91 95030-94040


Posted On:7/20/2021 9:44:59 PM

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