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Title:SOLVED NMIMS SEP 2021 MBA ASSIGNMENTS - Dr. Das purchased 500 shares of Serra Ltd. @ Rs. 60 each on
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Capital Market & Portfolio Management


1. ‘Technical indicators are used to analyse short term price movements’. Comment explaining the concept and application of different technical indicators under technical analysis. (10Marks)

2. Dr. Das purchased 500 shares of Serra Ltd. @ Rs. 60 each on 15th October 2017. He paid a broker age of Rs.600.He received the following dividends– (10Marks)

June   2018    Rs.800

June 2019     Rs.1000

June 2020     Rs.600


He sold all his shares for Rs.45000 on 15th October 2020 and paid broker age of Rs.1500. Compute:

1. Holding period return

2. Annualized Return


3. Fundamental analysis involves detailed study of three factors i.e. economy, industry and company which can be undertaken before investing in any stock or company share. The focal point of fundamental analysis is the present performance of the company and the future projections of financial position along with the intrinsic value of the company’s share. Fundamental analysis bases its judgment on a historical approach of analyzing a company’s financial statements to draw inferences.

a) Enumerate the different ratios which are used under fundamental analysis. (5 Marks)

b) Differentiate between: Fundamental and Technical Analysis. (5 Marks)


For Nmims answersheets contact

+91 95030-94040


Posted On:7/19/2021 11:21:18 PM

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