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Title:SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS NMIMS SEP 2021 - The IPL moved the 2021 season to India despite cases being repor
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Marketing Strategy

1. You are the marketing director of Citibank, your bank is making huge profits globally in the consumer banking division, and your organization now wants to cut back on consumer banking and wants to focus on business-to-business segment.

Do you think this is a good strategy? How would you make the transition? Prepare a communication plan for your retail customers such that the brands value is not diminished in the eyes of the consumers? (10Marks)

2. The IPL moved the 2021 season to India despite cases being reported in India unlike the UAE where the IPL had organized the 2020 season. Was this a sound strategic decision? Do you think that the IPL brand shall be tarnished because of the suspension of the season in 2021? What steps can the IPL take to restart the season and retain brand credibility? (10Marks)

3. You are the marketing director for Cinema Express a successful theatre chain having 20 theatres with 80 screens in tier two towns of India. With the Pandemic hitting hard at the theatre business leading to prolonged shutdowns business has been badly hit. Along with this consumer sentiment has been deeply dampened.

a. As marketing director what strategies would you evolve in ensuring your organization remains relevant in the post pandemic world? Create two new product ideas for the company. (5Marks)

b. How would you reposition your company’s brand in the future? Create a marketing plan for the two new product ideas that you have created in the previous question. (5Marks)

For Nmims answersheets contact

+91 95030-94040


Posted On:7/19/2021 11:17:48 PM

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