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Title:SEP 2021 NM SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS - You are the Head of a Market Research Organisation. Your Telecom cl
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Marketing Research

Q.1) As a researcher, you need to identify as to how many Grocery stores in Mumbai sell HUL’s Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer. Which non-probabilistic sampling method would you use to complete your research? Also state the reasons behind choosing that method. Also explain as to how you will proceed ahead with choosing the areas / localities in Mumbai to conduct your research along with timelines. (10 marks)


Q.2) You are the Head of a Market Research Organisation. Your Telecom client Reliance Jio has recently introduced “HumaraJio” a new type of 5G enabled affordable handset priced at Rs.10, 000. The Telecom Company wants to understand how customers are reacting to their recently launched product across India. Draft a Questionnaire containing not more than 20 questions that would succinctly address the query posed by the Telecom client. (10Marks)


Q.3) you have been recently appointed as a “New Product Development” Head for Mondelez India. You have been asked to develop 1 new innovative product namely “Honey chocolate” as part of their product portfolio.

A) Explain the process in detail to arrive at the creation of your new product (5 Marks)

B) Is there a need to conduct Test Marketing? If Yes or No, please state your reasons to support your answer. (5 Marks)

For Nmims answersheets contact

+91 95030-94040


Posted On:7/19/2021 11:07:50 PM

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